Recover Your Business Data After A Cyberattack.

Someone has stolen or leaked your business’ data and wrecked your
regular operations. Barricade Cyber Solutions will recover your
business’ data and momentum.

Our Recovery Process



Identify and outline the ransomware risk.


Extortion Negotiation

Let our professionals 24/7 Cyber Extortion Case Managers negotiate on your behalf while you focus on your business.


Ransom Settlement

To ensure settlement success, we make sure that financial operations are secure and compliant.


Decrypt & Recover

Our support team is available to streamline your data recovery, enhance your IT and operational security, and meet your insurance/compliance requirements with our incident documentation.

Your Business Is Under Attack.

A cybercriminal has stolen your business’ data or former employee has leaked sensitive information. This cybercrime could wipe out years of your hard work. It has thrown your business and life into chaos.

Your business is personal, so this attack feels personal. You’re angry and you’re unsure how to resolve this data breach and get your business back on track.

Your business can recover from this cyberattack, but only if you get the right help.

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Barricade Cyber Solutions Delivers.

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    Accurate Assessments

    Complete, candid investigation,
    containment and recovery

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    Best-in-industry Intelligence

    Expert analysis and knowledge of
    attackers’ tools, techniques and

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    Proven Results

    Data recovered and fully
    restored for thousands of

Expert help for recovering your data.

When you’re under attack, it’s hard to know where to turn and who to trust. At Barricade Cyber Solutions, we know what it’s like to be in a bind and need candid, expert guidance.

When a cybercrime has derailed your business you don’t want more guesses, confusion or complexity.

We care personally about our clients and their businesses. We promise to answer all of your questions clearly and candidly. You can count on us to accurately diagnose and resolve your data breach, just as we did for thousands of past clients.

Resolve your data breach in 3 steps:

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Contact us to discuss your cybersecurity incident.

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Let us work around the clock to recover your business's data

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Reclaim Peace of Mind

Sleep easy knowing your business will be up and running again soon.

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Recover your data and your trust

You’ve worked 18-hour days. You’ve survived lean years and market swings. Thanks to your grit and skills, your business is stable, successful, and making an impact.

At least, it was until now.

Suddenly, you feel under assault and out of your depth because of a serious data breach.

We know all too well what you’re facing. We’ve helped businesses around the world, including law, accounting, architectural, and engineering firms and manufacturers, respond to similar cyberattacks.

Our clients trust us because of our GIAC certification and our track record. We restore our ransomware-response clients’ data in less than two months nine times out of ten.

We want to restore your business’ data—and your trust in your systems’ security.


How Does It Work

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is a type of IT service provider whose role is to keep companies safe from cyber threats, and working with one can make all the difference in your organization's data security.

MSSP Process


Adopt a Zero-trust Network


Integrate a full XDR security monitoring solution


Implement CIS Controls Framework

What Are MSSPs?

MSSPs provide outsourced security solutions. They’re IT providers who offer security monitoring and management to organizations for their enterprise networks and devices.

The main purpose of an MSSP is to protect businesses from certain security threats, typically operating from a 24/7 security operation center.

MSSPs will provide your company with services and software aimed at safeguarding your data. They can also build a network of “first responders” to handle cyberattacks as they happen, making for an efficient, cost-effective approach to cybersecurity, since you won’t need to hire and train an in-house team.

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