Comprehensive Ransomware Forensics and Recovery

Barricade Cyber Rescues Your Business From Ransomware Cyberattacks.

Every second counts during a ransomware crisis

Delaying action could gravely jeopardize your business's ability to fully recover, potentially causing irreparable damage to your operations. Immediate response is critical.

Over 3,000 successful ransomware cases

Our team of certified experts will help you face this challenge head-on. We are here to shield your business from the devastating effects of ransomware and guide you to a swift and secure recovery.


LockBit Ransomware Recovery

As the most popular form of ransomware, LockBit ransomware seeks to target networks through purchased access, unnoticed vulnerabilities, insider access, and zero-day exploits. From there, it collects network information and is able to steal and encrypt your data.


8base Ransomware

8Base is known for its double-extortion tactics. The group threatens to publish the encrypted files unless the ransom is paid, aiming to embarrass the victim by exposing private or confidential information that could damage their brand or reputation. The use of the “double extortion” tactic has become increasingly common among ransomware groups, as it adds an additional layer of pressure on the victims to pay the ransom.


BlackCat Ransomware Recovery

The BlackCat ransomware group is a malicious cyber entity specializing in launching ransomware attacks where they encrypt vital data of organizations and demand a ransom for decryption keys. They are known for their stealthy infiltration techniques and often target high-profile organizations, including corporate entities and government institutions. Their operations are marked by the use of complex malware and a persistent approach to bypassing security measures.


NoEscape Ransomware

The NoEscape ransomware group is a cybercriminal organization known for deploying ransomware attacks, wherein they encrypt victims' data and demand a ransom for its release. Their activities include targeting corporations and governmental agencies, often exploiting vulnerabilities in network security to execute their attacks. The group's operations are characterized by sophisticated tactics and the use of advanced malware strains.

Why Choose Barricade Cyber Solutions?

With a dedicated team of experts and a proven track record, we assure you of:


  1. Immediate Response: We act fast to contain and mitigate ransomware attacks, minimizing damage through 24/7 support, 365 days a year.
  2. Customized Solutions: Tailored strategies to address your unique situation and ensure a complete recovery.
  3. Full Recovery: Commitment to restoring systems and data, leaving no loose ends.
  4. Expert Guidance: Our GIAC Certified team has the skills to effectively solve complex security situations.
  5. Transparent Communication: Open, clear updates throughout the process, ensuring you're always informed.
  6. Compliance Assurance: We navigate the legal and regulatory landscape to keep you in compliance.
  7. Continuous Monitoring: Ongoing vigilance to ensure no lingering threats or vulnerabilities.
  8. Cost Transparency: We understand you don’t want more surprises, confusion or complexity, which is why we provide you with clear, upfront pricing.


The only way to know precisely how much ransomware response will cost is to contact us for a free consultation.
Ransomware response cost varies according to the type of attack, how much data is affected, the number of computers infected, and your local environment (computer performance, servers, operating systems). The response includes removal of the ransomware, negotiations with attackers and transferring payment if necessary, restoring data, patching the vulnerability that led to the attack, and preparing all documentation for legal compliance and insurance claims. The course of action our clients choose also affects the overall cost.
The minimum cost for small companies generally starts around several thousand euros, including the cost of the ransom. However, if at all possible, we strongly recommend avoiding paying the attackers. Paying the attackers encourages them to harm more people. However, if it is not economically feasible, we handle fully legally compliant payments to attackers. The overall expense depends a lot on the ransom amount demanded, and how successful negotiations are. We maintain a database on ransomware gangs to negotiate more effectively. In some cases, negotiations can result in a significant reduction in the ransom payment.
We have a greater than 98% success rate.
In the case of most of our clients who have cyber insurance, their coverage pays the cost of our services, as well as the ransom, if necessary

If your business has been hit by ransomware, it's
important not to wait to call Barricade Cyber Solutions for help.

The faster you act, the better the chances of achieving a full recovery and minimizing the impact on your business operations.