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Swift and Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery

Recover your business from ransomware attacks with Barricade Cyber Solutions. We manage negotiations, payments, compliance, and recovery—all under one roof

Why Choose Barricade Cyber Solutions?


All-In-One Solution

We handle threat actor communications, broker payments, perform OFAC checks, digital forensic, and execute recovery efforts, providing a seamless and efficient recovery process.


Rapid Response

Our team is ready to act quickly to minimize downtime and financial loss, ensuring your business can resume operations as soon as possible.


Compliance Assurance

We ensure all transactions meet IRS and OFAC regulations, giving you peace of mind and legal compliance.


Proven Track Record

Our success stories and client testimonials speak to our expertise and reliability in handling ransomware recovery.

Acting Quickly Makes a Difference

CDK Global (2024) Ongoing

CDK Global offers a SaaS platform used by roughly 15,000 car dealerships. Earlier this week, it announced it suffered a breach, which saw it shut down large parts of its infrastructure and disrupt dealership sales and service operations. As it began restoring services late in the day on June 19th, it suffered another data breach that evening, resulting in another shutdown.

Now dealership clients are facing possible ransomware attacks where cybercriminals posed as support agents, exploiting customers' trust to gain unauthorized access. This incident highlights the critical importance of rapid response to ransomware. Immediate action is essential to contain the threat, protect sensitive data, and prevent further damage.

CDK Global

CWT Global (2020)

CWT, a corporate travel agency, paid $4.5 million to the Ragnar Locker group after they encrypted files and stole 2TB of data, including sensitive financial reports and client information. The attackers not only encrypted CWT's data but also claimed to have stolen 2TB of sensitive information, including financial reports and client data.

Quick negotiations and payment helped CWT Global minimize downtime and preserve customer trust.


Baltimore City (2019)

In 2019, Baltimore City experienced its second ransomware attack in just over a year, forcing the city to shut down most of its servers. The attack impacted critical services like the Department of Public Works, leading to payment issues and service disruptions. Although 911 and emergency services remained unaffected, the attack caused significant operational challenges and financial strain.

A delayed response to a ransomware attack cost Baltimore $18.2 million in recovery costs and lost revenue. This incident underscores the urgent need for swift action in ransomware incidents to minimize disruption, protect data, and maintain public trust.


Our Proven Process


Immediate Assessment

We quickly evaluate the situation to determine the best course of action.


Threat Actor Communications

Our experts handle negotiations with the cybercriminals to secure the best possible outcome.


Payment Brokering

We manage the secure and compliant payment process, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.


System Recovery

Our team works tirelessly to restore your systems and data, getting your business back on track swiftly.

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