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About Us

Barricade Cyber Solutions is dedicated to helping businesses protect their livelihoods from cyber-attacks and recover from the damage done. Cyber-attacks can cause massive issues for businesses and send dedicated, hard-working business owners into turmoil, but Barricade Cyber Solutions knows how to mitigate the damage done by cyber-incidents and protect you from future threats.

We understand the life-upending problems that cyber-attacks cause, and we don’t take any situation lightly. We've helped thousands of businesses recover lost, stolen, and leaked data all around the world - there’s no business we can’t help, whether it’s helping you resolve a cyber-attack or prevent future damage. We’re GIAC certified, too, so you can rest easy knowing we’re skilled at what we do and that we’re passionate about helping your business. With Barricade Cyber Solutions, you can relax knowing your business is safe from cyber-attacks 24/7, 365.