There are quite a few ways in which your company can cover its cybersecurity needs, but the best way to fight cyberthreats is through external professionals. External professionals like Barricade Cyber Solutions can implement tactics that evolve with the ever-changing…

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There are quite a few ways in which your company can cover its cybersecurity needs, but the best way to fight cyberthreats is through external professionals. External professionals like Barricade Cyber Solutions can implement tactics that evolve with the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, and we have the latest tools and resources to keep your data safe.


External professionals like Barricade operate with the most advanced skills and the best practices in the industry. When utilizing such services, some companies choose MSSPs (managed security service providers) and some choose MDRs (Managed Detection and Response). These two solutions are popular in the industry, and while they might have some similarities, they are not interchangeable. 

What Is MSSP?

MSSPs monitor your business’s security network and send alerts whenever a threat or an anomaly is detected. They offer a bird’s eye view of your system, keeping an eye out for anything that looks unusual, and handle your security on a broad scale. 

Instead of spending the time and money to hire and train an in-house IT team, use MSSPs instead. They act as the first responders that handle cyberattacks in real time, offering 24/7 security against data breaches and other cyber threats. 

They also have the ability to complete vulnerability assessments to see where your network is at risk. That way, you can take necessary action to bulk up your protection and prevent an attack from occurring. 

What IS MDR?

MDR solutions find active threats and respond to them with elimination, investigation, or containment. Combining human effort with technology, they catch active and emerging threats in order to take appropriate next steps. 

Sometimes, it takes businesses a significant amount of time to detect compromised assets, but MDR cuts down on that time and gets to work on remediating the problem ASAP.

The Difference Between MSSP and MDR

The main difference between MSSPs and MDRs is the fact that MSSPs focus on prevention and MDRs focus on response. MSSPs include firewalls, web gateways, intrusion prevention systems, and a slew of other antivirus programs that keep unwanted intruders out of your system. They are highly skilled at managing prevention tools and spotting threats before they can do damage. MSSPs offer support with incident response should your company experience a cyber attack. They are also known for being the less expensive option between the two services. 

MSSPs and MDRs both provide managed security services for an organization, and both come with notable benefits like strengthened security and lowered cost of ownership. MDRs offer a look into the organization’s network and will respond to ongoing incidents. Much like an MSSP, they can also identify cybersecurity risks and potential threats. 

As you can see, both services come with their own unique set of benefits, so it’s up to you to analyze your organization to see which is the best fit. 

Which Option Is Best?

All companies have different needs and varying levels of security demands. When you’re choosing between these two providers, it’s important to consider what needs you’re trying to meet by using them. 

If your organization needs to supplement its cybersecurity response and focus on prevention, an MSSP is a useful option. This service provides additional support for companies who have a firm handle on their cybersecurity measures and need a helping hand when it comes to monitoring. 

If your organization doesn’t have any sort of in-house cybersecurity team, an MDR has what it takes to act as the sole cybersecurity provider for a business. 

No matter which program you choose, both come with a great deal of benefits for your company. By outsourcing your security, you don’t have to worry about struggling to locate and hire high-quality IT professionals during a period of skills shortage. Using an MSSP or an MDR will provide the same security (or, sometimes, even better security) for a fraction of the cost and stress. 

In sum, MSSPs reduce the likelihood of attacks by offering vulnerability detection, configuration management, and other such services. MDRs reduce the impact of an attack by offering rapid detection, notification, and response guidance. 

Choosing MSSP

MSSP is a great solution for your business if you check the following boxes:

  • Your organization doesn’t have a cybersecurity monitoring system. 
  • You don’t have a patching program. 
  • You have the IT skills within your company to manage an MSSP.

MSSPs contain a wide range of services that place heavy focus on one set of activities or things, like web content filtering, patching systems, or firewall settings. 

Making The Choice

Whether you choose MDR or MSSP is up to you, but you must make sure that the program meets your organization’s unique set of requirements. Take a look at the priorities of your business, evaluate your current capabilities, and talk to us at Barricade Solutions to make the final decision on the program that is right for you. 


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